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Knetizens Says Eunchae Feels Like A 50/50 Mix Of Joy And Yeri

Knetizens said half of Eunchae look like Joy and the other half like Yeri

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Eunchae would be harmonious if she was added to NewJeans too since she gives off similar vibes. But of course, she suits Le Sserafim too

2. I like Yeri and Joy my picks in Le Sserafim are Eunchae and Yunjin. They have similar vibe

3. I get what you’re saying. She’s fucking pretty

4. 70% Yeri and 30% Kim Sook

5. She seriously looks like the epitome of a maknae so she’s cute

6. Eunchae on a phone camera… she fucking looks like them
7. Your smile is so pretty

8. I thought she looked a bit like Joy, but since Tsuni said that Yeri and Joy look alike, this is what I was thinking. Eunchae is so pretty

9. Joy Yeri is rubbing her. It’s amazing.

10. Eunchae is really cute. The youngest


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