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Knetizens Shocked That Kim Jaejoong and G-Dragon Were An Idol Group

Knetz are reacting to two artists Kim Jaejoong and G-Dragon were an idol group…


I was a freshman in high school and two months ago, I was watching a YouTube video of Junho Kim Jaejoong and GD, and I liked all three, but my mom said that Junho Kim Jaejoong and GD are an idol group.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Kim Jaejoong Will you protect me, this song is a real healing song, it warms my heart

2. It’s so shocking that I didn’t know ha ha

3. You know Junho, but you don’t know our house Junho? You don’t know GD Big Bang?? I think they’ve been active recently.

4. Two months ago, I fell in love with all three of them through ‘YouTube’, but the premise that I didn’t know it was TVXQ’s Big Bang 2PM doesn’t make any sense.

5. GD is so far away

6. it’s really messy..

7. I guess I don’t know

8. GD is Ohband… Wow, is it 06 in high school? If it’s 06, that’s fine.


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