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Knetizens Talked About LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin Mentioned BTS

LE SSERAFIM Huh Yunjin mentions BTS

“Watching BTS at the American Music Awards made me have great pride as a Korean and encouraged me a lot. So it made me want to be a singer who can also help and encourage others”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I really like Huh Yunjin

2. There is also a picture of her with Suga

3. She’s an ARMY

4. Yunjin is an ARMY, she posted an ARMY selfie on Twitter

5. She’s so pretty

6. Other Koreans might think the same. Celebrities like BTS are doing great things

7. Isn’t Huh Yunjin an American?!?! Did you know she’s American?


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