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Knetizens Think TXT Yeonjun’s Rhinoplasty Is Getting Worse

TXT Yeonjun’s rhinoplasty seems to be getting worse according to the Knetizens

Knetizens Reactions:

1. No but this is severe

2. The top 2 pictures are his past pictures and the bottom 2 pictures are his nose recently. Anyone can tell that he did his nose

3. Don’t ruin our lives while hating on celebrities

4. I agree

5. NCTzens-ah, are you swandering your fortune!?

6. Why are all the HYBE kids’ noses like that?

7. Hive kids are male and female idols, and nose surgery is basic for all of them lol.

8. There is a clear difference before and after plastic surgery, but it is a bad side effect, but the laughing people are so bad

9. I’ve never heard of Yeonjun being chosen as the 4th generation visual.

10. It’s rhinoplasty, but it’s not a build-up, and male celebrities do a lot of basic eye and nose -Moa, an incumbent plastic surgery nurse


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