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Knetizens Want BTS V To Look Like This Again

Knetz are craving about old BTS V’s look, they are discussing about his old vibe, they want it back


He looks like some kind of webtoon main character

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s like a vampire, the concept digesting ability is crazy

2. He looks good too, but his ability to digest the concept is really unique

3. Let’s do this one more time, it suits him so well

4. Recognized as a natural celebrity!

5. I think the vampire protagonist would suit him best.

6. I agree

7. V also got a tattoo haha I didn’t know

8. Seriously, I think V is the most handsome, but he can’t do it, he’s really good at styling, he’s crazy

9. It’s hard to see V these days, I miss you

10. I like the tiger V, but there are a lot of teddy bears out these days, so I miss the tiger V


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