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Knetizens Want Doyoung To Change His Speech Habits

Knetz are complaining about Doyoung on how he speaks to people most especially his friend Xiaojun

All he needs to do is to keep paying attention to what he says!!!^^

This is not the first or second time it happens
DY: Who do you think would receive it?
?: Xiaojun
DY: But Xiaojun is short no?
Look at him talking behind someone’s back again…
AT this point it’s not even behind one’s back btu straight to his face
And NCTzens will shield him saying they’re close and whatnotㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Since when is Xiaojun close to Doyoung

Knetizens Reactions:

1. What’s the reason behind having cameras and mics on when he still behaves like that. He’s acting like like that and earning money in front of the Dingo staffs but the way he talks is a turn off. This isn’t the first time he’s doing it? Whether he treats them well in real life or not, he’s just someone who’s careless with words in general

2. Is he seriously never going to correct himself? He just never really got into a controversy
3. At that time, he was acting as if he suffered so much and that the new members should be grateful towards him because they joined later. Sungchan was also laughing at first and then his expression got spoilt

4. Xiaojun is handsome vote up, Doyoung is handsome vote down

5. No but why would he bring up the “he’s short” randomly like that?ㅋㅋ The fact that he’s saying this when talking to another member with a low voice is seriously dislikable
6. If you know the context before and after, you will not be able to shield this no?? They were picking NCT’s most handsome person and this is how he reacted. Someone at the table said that Xiaojun was the most handsome and he replied ‘but Xiaojun is short’ why would you do that to a fellow member…

7. Isn’t this the part where you can’t shield if you know what’s going on? They say that NCT chooses the most handsome person, but if someone said that at the table, someone said that Xiaojun was handsome, so Xiaojun is short.

8. It’s been like this many times, but you don’t want to fix it? Why can’t they just give up the controversy in the first place?


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