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Knetizens Wonder If TWICE Can Fill Stadium Concerts

After dominating the charts and winning numerous Daesang awards in Korea, TWICE has revealed their intention to do stadium concerts abroad. Other online users, however, are dubious about TWICE’s ability to draw a crowd to their upcoming concerts.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Please sing live

2. Let’s start with selling tickets first

3. Why is TWICE so popular in the US?

4. Awesome

5. What are you doing with BTS concert pictures?

6. SoFi Stadium in LA? It’s where BTS held their concert, right? Congratulations

7. Aren’t those pictures from BTS concerts?

8. But the question is, can they sell out all the tickets at the right price? Can they sell out or fill more than 90% of seats with the average price of $100 or more? To be honest, fans have to worry too


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