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Knetizens Wonder Why IVE Jang Won-young’s Makeup Like This?

Knetz are reacting to IVE Jang Won-young makeup, They are saying the face is not real….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow, the skin is nice.

2. What do you say, that’s the most popular face these days.

3. It’s the funniest thing for celebrities to take pictures of them that didn’t show up. Celebrities aren’t people who only upload photos like Instagram, but people who come out with videos on broadcasts without editing.

4. She changed my makeup teacher and it got worse, but she have to change the shop again

5. The original video looks like this, but the lighting is too slanted to one side, so it’s hard to come out pretty from that angle. And the captured photos somehow smell like synthetics. It could be maliciously naive

6. The comments here are seriously all filled with inferiority complex

7. F*ck no but you guys sure are funny… You guys want to swear at her out of jealousy, but you guys all know that you’ll get framed as a hate commenter if you swore at her so you’re starting comments like “I know I’ll get sworn at for saying this but~” bullsh*T. Does it make you feel some kind of superiority complex towards her? You always share pictures where Jang Wonyoung doesn’t look good and judge her appearance for it. You guys are freaking disgusting
8. Even if they were on their death beds, hate commenters will never wake up
9. I know I’ll get swon at, but I honestly don’t know if she’s that pretty

10. She’s still pretty, but her original face doesn’t come out.


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