Knets Discuss On SNSD’S Article Pictures At Their Comeback Press Conference Today

K-Netizens react to SNSD’s (Girl’s Generation) article pictures welcome back press conference

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Yoon Yul-hyun is also standing in the middle, so the surroundings are completely bright.

2. Wow Seohyun really has a cool-toned power.. I’m pretty. I’m standing with Yoon Seo-hyun, and I’m going to be blind because I’m pretty.

3. She’s still pretty~ Are there mosquito marks on Seohyun’s arm? It’s cute

4. Anyone know where the Taeyeon bracelet is?? It’s a style I want to buy fortress, but it’s pretty

5. oh so pretty….. But the color of Hyoyeon’s clothes is so similar to the background, I couldn’t see it lol

6. Seohyun is so pretty. Even the styling is perfect.
Seohyun is going to be so stylishly pretty. ㅋㅋ She looks pretty with a completely different image than when she was Soshi. Her body is also very skinny, but she looks strong and healthy.

7. Wow, Yoona seems to have gained some weight in the middle of the class, so she was very skinny, but on the contrary, she looks glamorous and has a pretty line.

8. Hyoyeon’s clothes are flashy, but they look pretty because they look good together.

9. When I saw Yoona’s face, I thought she would be small because she felt like a cutie youth, but she’s tall.

10. Hearing that Hyoyeon looks like a protective color, I only see Hyoyeon hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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