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[Knetz] A Pretty Face Is Not Implied By Having Pretty Eyes, Nose And Lips

Having Pretty nose, Pretty eyes and Pretty Lips doesn’t mean you will be Pretty, Knetizens are discussing about Pretty facial shape and all other features that makes a real beauty

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow.. the eyes, nose and mouth are so pretty

2. Sometimes it seems like it was just like that in the past, but when I look at the pretty and handsome Yeonyans, they are people who are not as flashy as they are now, but they can see the parts they need to touch.

3. That person seems fine, but the combination including the real face shape is important separately… Each of the features isn’t that serious, but the size is small compared to the face, or,,, because surgery is going well these days, the size of the proportions and the location on the face is different. better if it’s ok

4. Isn’t it pretty even if you put them all together?

5. I almost plucked my eyes out because of the nose hair in the nose photo

6. Isn’t it just the importance of the face shape?

7. To be honest, I think the face shape and other factors are important to be pretty, but I think everything has to be in harmony to make it look pretty

8. There is difference in the nose

9. Every time my mom saw this person, she said she looked like a woman, so she said she was really pretty. A little more femininity would make her look like a real woman.

10. I think harmony is important for people. Just as there are people who are ugly even though they have pretty eyes and noses, and there are people who are pretty even though they have ugly eyes, nose and mouth.


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