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Knetz Accuse IZ*ONE Lee Chae-yeon Of Copying SHINee Key’s ‘Gasoline’ Designs

According to an internal PR person, WM doesn’t have a design team and everything is outsourced. So when you compare the concept photos at the top and the teasing contens from the bottom, you can see that the quality is incredibly lower. I feel like hte design team wrapped up their work way too fast. At the same time, there isn’t just one or two things that are overlapping, even if you claim that this isn’t plagiarism, it hasn’t even been 1 month since Key’s album came out so does it make sense that they didn’t pay attention of the side eyes and din’t change anything? Currently both fandoms are being angry. Personally, I find Lee Chaeyeon a bit pitiful. Her debut plans keep getting screwed and this is also her first album but she’s been getting all sorts of hate because of her company

Knetizens Reactions:

1. You did a good job explaining the situation… I’m a key fan and I cheered for Chaeyeon during Producer.

2. Lee Chae-yeon is also a victim, so it’s right to blame the agency, not the fandom fight.

3. That agency was too small for Lee Chae-yeon

4. Since they paid homage to their height, they can pay homage to Chaeyeon as well. In the future, if anyone looks at the album and sees it as similar, it’s called homage. It’s plagiarism

5. To be honest, that color has been appearing a lot over the past few years as a Halloween color, and it’s a very common combination haha…. Even if I go to a design site right away, there’s a lot of stuff like that. It’s plagiarism.

6. It‘s a common Halloween concept, so everything else is just there. Mint and blue, that color is a little off

7. Wow, it’s so similar that you don’t even know who it is. If Lee Chae-yeon will be the first one as a solo artist, I’ll be upset.

8. Why are Lee Chaeyeon’s fan and Key’s fan fighting here? You two should curse at the design team and the who confirmed it. Why are they scolding each other?

9. It’s just Halloween, so the concept looks similar.

10. It’s a pity that the quality is too different to compare.


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