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Knetz Are Criticising NMIXX for Imitating NEWJEANS

Knetizens are talking about NMIXX group copying NEWJEANS, yet, they are not better than NEWJEANS

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s normal to copy all other idols

2. I guess they followed that one outright ㅋㅋ Jewop After Miss A, there is nothing unique to Jewop, everything is copied from another girl group.

3. What did Nmix do to you?

4. Last time theh copied Aespa and this time they copied New Jeans

5. The atmosphere that I can’t keep up with even with New Jeans’s toenails.

6. New Jeans’ ending pose has a teeny feel to it and I thought they were good at it, but seeing that both the MV and the stage pose are the same, all of those poses are crafted.

7. Nmix’s body is so ugly that it’s hard to say.

8. They look so similar. Those pants length isn’t easy to match. New Jeans is great.

9. Clothes are ugly because of the proportions

10. Think about copying your grades, New Jeans stayed at No. 1 on the Melon Chart for quite a while, and now Nmix’s debut song is still at No. 90


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