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Knetz Criticized Korea Tourism Organisation Model For Looking Like Irene

Virtual model for Korea Tourism Organisation was criticized for looking like Red Velvet Irene

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I don’t think they look alike at all

2. When I watched the video, I thought it was Kwon Nara

3. I think it’s a mix between Irene and Kwon Nara…? I don’t know why they do this?

4. They don’t look alike in the video, but they look alike in the picture

5. It’s scary, are they crazy?

6. I just looked at the picture and thought they don’t look alike, but isn’t it Irene in the gif?

7. I think she’s a combination of Joy and Irene

8. But I don’t see Irene in the video

9. They just need to appoint Irene as an ambassador, why are they doing this?

10. I think Irene must feel really bad


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