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Knetz Criticized Red Velvet Seulgi As She Attempts To Erase Yunho And Irene’s Reputation

Red Velvet Seulgi has been condemned for trying to wash Yunho and Irene’s image


Seulgi seems to have no tact

Why did she meet a criminal and dance like that?

What kind of collaboration is this?

She’s promoting the kids who should be reflecting right now

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Why is Yunho’s face so dark?

2. No, but what were you thinking when I took that picture. Why are you taking pictures with Yunho?

3. U-Know Yunho fans are so annoying that Yunho’s shields are coming over at this time

4. It’s absurd that U-Know Yunho is over there. Thinking about the disgrace of a sick man, if you’re like me, you’ll never be able to crawl

5. U-Know Yunho is more ignorant than Seulgi.

6. No but what was she thinking while shooting this…. Why did Seulgi shoot something with Yunho?

7. Why are you guys criticizing Seulgi? The crime is caused by U-Know Yunho

8. No but no one would have said anything if she did Yunho and Irene separately but the fact that she brought both of them is freaking funny

9. SM really tries to use her to wash their image. Irene aside, why did Seulgi shoot something with Yunho?

10. Why does Yunho’s face look like that..


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