Knetz Debate Female Idol With Legendary Visual Lines

걸그룹 블랙핑크 지수, 제니(오른쪽)가 21일 오전 서울 송파구 잠실 종합운동장에서 열린 워터밤 at 스프라이트 아일랜드 오픈 행사에 참석해 포즈를 취하고 있다. 2018.7.21./뉴스1

Who do you think is the legendary visual line of female idol?

1. f(x) Sulli/Krystal

2. Kara Goo Hara/Kang Jiyoung

3. Girls’ Generation Yoona/Yuri

4. Espa Winter/Karina

5. Cosmic Girls Bona/Seolah

6. Wow Nana / Coincidence

7. New Jeans Minji/Haerin

8. BLACKPINK Jisoo/Jenny

9. Nmix Genie/Seolyun

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Wow what’s up Yoona Yuri’s cute dog

2. I can’t pick it all, they’re all so pretty…

3. There are two people here, but to be honest, Big Sulk is the greatest Bermuda Triangle ever.

4. Yoona Yuri is really pretty

5. Get rid of the two plastic surgery beauties lol

6. Sulk Jisoo, Jennie, my taste

7. Soshi Bermuda Hello’s Salk Combination is good I like Spring Yul-yung, but the real Somal Bermuda is true

8. Sulcle Jisoo, Jennie, Bye-bye, these guys are pretty individually, but their faces are wrong.

9. Yoona Yuri is really pretty

10. Sulli likes Krystal and Bye bye


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