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Knetz Discuss About BTS Jin’s Legendary Reaction To The Lawsuit Announcement

Knetizens are talking about BTS Jin’s reactions to lawsuit announcement…..


“I wonder what the malicious commenters did to go to prosecution?
They’re really out there just looking for trouble”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Jin is really cool. He’s right, I hate malicious commenters so much

2. Our Seokjin is the best

3. Our Seokjin is right

4. “I wonder what the malicious commenters did to go to prosecution?” He’s so cool

5. I really don’t understand why haters live like that?

6. Looking at that comment, malicious commenters will really be attacked

7. Kim Seokjin is amazing

8. But seriously, the lives of malicious commenters are pitiful

9. Seokjin is so cool

10. Haters spend their entire lives writing malicious comments, but celebrities don’t seem to care about them


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