Knetz Discuss Female Idol Groups That Sold Over 200,000 Copies In The First Week


2nd mini album Girls (2022) 1,126,0** copies

1st Mini Album Savage(2021) 276,8** copies

Black Pink

1st full album THE ALBUM (2020) 689,0** copies

Special Edition How You Like That (2020) 204,3** copies

* Lisa 730,000 copies and Rose 440,000 copies


5th Mini Album CHECKMATE (2022) 472,3** copies

1st full album CRAZY IN LOVE (2021) 259,7** copies

4th Mini Album GUESS WHO (2021) 200,1** copies

Red velvet

Mini ‘The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm’ (2022) 443,9** copies

6th Mini Album Queendom (2021) 207,3** copies


3rd Mini Album Oneiric Diary (幻想日記)(2020) 389,3** copies

1st full album BLOOM*IZ (2020) 356,3** copies

4th Mini Album One-reeler / Act IV (2020) 355,2** copies


2nd single LOVE DIVE (2022) 338,1** copies


9th mini album MORE & MORE (2020) 332,4** copies

3rd Full Album Formula of Love: O+T=<3(2021) 318,8** copies

10th mini album Taste of Love (2021) 277,5** copies

2nd full album Eyes wide open (2020) 245,6** copies

*250,000 copies of Nayeon

Le seraphim

1st Mini Album FEARLESS (2022) 307,4** copies


2nd Mini Album DOUBLAST (2022) 287,1** copies

1st Mini Album FIRST IMPACT (2022) 206,5** copies


1st single AD MARE (2022) 227,3** copies

Stay C

3rd Single WE NEED LOVE (2022) 201,0** copies

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. The writer is a fan of Osera Rapim. It’s a shame that I didn’t do it cumulatively. I guess I took out Ephryl hahaha I’m a fan of Jeongbyeong Ive, and I’m dirty.

2. Since 22 years, the bubble has been huge.

3. But I’m curious, if it’s a record label, does everyone have a cdp at home..?!

4. It seems that the sales of female stone plates are just determined according to the flow of the times… Of course, there is a difference depending on the class, but if TWICE was in its heyday now, more than 1 million copies would have been sold, and Blackpink’s current album is 1 million pre-orders…

5. Summary: One of the kids selling 200,000 sucking dolls.

6. Wow, there are almost twice as many espas as black___… Really crazy..

7. TWICE isn’t that high compared to being popular, so why is it called a hoarding device..??

8. As an individual, in the beginning of the year, Lisa Roje is just a queen; I can only suck, sisters

9. But IZ*ONE is also great. The overseas fandom is only in Japan, and almost only the Korean fandom has low grades.. They have a record of 500,000 copies in their first comeback 3 times a year, exceeding 300,000 in Initial Chodong. The fandom is strong.

10. Did you win Espa Blackpink? I heard that Espa broke every day.


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