Knetz Discuss Idols Who Debuted When They Were Still Wearing Middle School Uniforms

(Almost) A collection of children who debuted as soon as they wore middle school uniforms

Debuted 2000 BoA, born in 1986

Debuted 2008 KARA Kang Jiyoung, born in 1994

Debuted 2008 U-Kiss Dongho, born in 1994

Debuted 2015 April Lee Jinsol, born in 2001

Debuted 2016 NCT Dream Jisung, born in 2002

Debuted 2018 IZ*ONE Jang Wonyoung, born in 2005

Debuted 2019 IZ*ONE Jang Wonyoung, born in 2005

Debuted 2017 Busters Yeseo, born in 2005 (Kep1er)

Debuted 2021 IVE Leeseo, born in 2007

Debuted 2022 CLASSy Boeun, born in 2008

Debuted 2022 CLASSy Seonyou, born in 2008

Debuted 2022 LAPILLUS Haeun, born in 2008

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. But, in general, I want to be good to kids who are old enough to be an idol… It’s absolutely not that I don’t like young kids ㅠㅠ Young kids are all so pretty, handsome, and cute, but I’m just like that. This guy… I think the ideal age to debut is around 19-22 years old.

2. Now, I would like to say that middle schooling is debuting, but.. Seriously, how many times did BoA get cursed at the fact that he debuted at the age of 15.. Haha Not only Lee Soo-man, but BoA’s parents also cursed a lot.. Because of this, idol industry culture has been recognized worldwide. It is amazing to see a girl who left school and went to Japan without her parents, even though Lee Soo-man, who planned and discovered at a time when there was no basic training framework, was also great!

3. I don’t understand why idols are young these days hahaha It’s not written there.

4. If you’re too young, it’s probably hard to do. A real professional beauty should be naughty, but even if she shoots her eyes and dances splendidly with a young figure, she has to lack something, and even if she is pretty..

5. If you’re 15, don’t you debut as soon as you wear a school uniform?

6. Everyone looks mature except for Classy, and I’m okay with the youngest role.

7. Everyone looks mature except for Classy, and I’m okay with the youngest role.

8. Wonyoung wanted to run away as soon as she found out her age hahaha Wonyoung-ah…you debuted at that age too, babies

9. I feel guilty about being a minor, so an adult debut is good.

10. Baek Ji-heon, who was born in 2003, was also in 2017 when he was broadcasting with glass slippers. Shouldn’t it be included here?


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