Knetz Discuss Idols Who Ruined Their Dignity In One Instant



Kim Garam

Lee Naeun




“BTS Jungkook, charged with traffic accident…police investigating”


GD: I didn’t think it would be mannerly of me to refuse it, so I smoked the cigarette..
“But doesn’t marijuana and cigarette taste different?”
GD: I can’t judge cigarettes’ and marijuana”



K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Half of them are seriously just reaching for hate

2. Tiffany’s rising sun on National Liberation day

3. People really think that Hyunjin’s school violence is a forced hate? Stray Kids fans, are you guys in your right mind?

4. Soojin’s one was a witch hunt, she said herself that it wasn’t school violence, but Shin Seon Ae got offended and ganged up against her

5. I don’t know for GD and Jungkook, their images are not bad and I’ve never seen people around me swear at them

6. TOP just throws away his cigarette bud anywhere, this one was his legendary personality

7. Baekhyun

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