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Knetz Discuss: If You Could Debut As A 4th Generation Girl Group

Select someone,
see the reaction of the 3rd generation, and write it down because the 4th generation is also curious





Knetizens Reactions:

1. I like Le Seraphim songs and style

2. It’s New Jeans, but if you think about the agency, SPA

3. Newjeans

4. Aespa

5. Aespa, NewJeans Pink Blood.

6. After losing weight, I’ll join Ive, so I’m going to play with Ahn Yu-jin and Lee Seo.

7. NewJeans Ive Concept

8. IVE

9. IVE because they are cutie hot girls

10. It’s not Ive or New Jeans… but it’s creepy to be the oldest at New Jeans.


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