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Knetz Discuss Military Service Exceptions For Popular Artists And The Economics Of K-Culture

Now, you have to be more successful than BTS to be exempt from military service? Controversy over special military service is still unresolved

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Stop thinking about being exempt from military service

2. Those who used to take advantage of BTS to apply for an exemption from military service. They should give up their intentions. Politicians should shut up now

3. Who is targeting military exemptions?

4. Do they want to exempt someone from military service?

5. Sons of politicians should go to the army

6. I don’t know anyone else, but BTS is exempt from military service because they raise national prestige

7. Please remove all standards. Why is sport the only exception?

8. I really feel this. They don’t care about BTS’ military exemption, they care about the rest

9. Isn’t the story of BTS being exempt from military service the beginning of meetings of companies other than Big Hit?

10. Just get rid of the special military service and no one benefits

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