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Knetz Discuss Reason Female Idols More Popular Than Male Idols

Knetizens are discussing why female idols popular than male idols

Knetizens Reactions:

1. That’s actually a test result showing that a woman’s voice is easier to hear

2. Men don’t listen to male idols

3. A lot of people don’t listen to male idol songs

4. These days, male idol songs seem to be sniped by a lot of maniacs,

5. Male or female, prefer a female voice, usually

6. To be honest, it’s easy to approach female idol songs

7. Female idols’ songs are better + Easy to listen to + Men don’t listen to male idols

8. There are a lot of male idol songs that I think are good, but it’s great that the public doesn’t listen to male idol songs

9. People themselves tend to have a bit of an interest in women. Whether it’s their voice or not.. So that seems to be both an advantage and a disadvantage for female idols. The interest is high, so the popularity is good and the soundtrack is good, but once they get involved, they get mad. I can feel it just by looking at the case. To be honest, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with good or bad songs. There are quite a lot of good songs for male idols. And male idols feel that the fandom is contributing to the creation of barriers

10. Male idols are almost exclusively listened to by their fans… They usually come out for performances, so it’s actually not accessible to Muggles or other fans


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