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Knetz Discuss TWICE’s ‘Talk That Talk’ Live Stage

Knetizens are discussing about TWICE’s Talk That Talk live stage, they are praising Nayeon’s performance

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Nayeon’s high pitched feeling is amazing ㅠㅠ I really like this song ㅠㅠ

2. TWICE’s stage is also good. live well

3. You’re good. Besides, they’re all very good at dancing and even doing live.

4. Most of Nayeon’s parts seem to be on the high side, but it seems like she’s always doing well, and she’s smiling all the time, so she’s so cute

5. You did so well.. You’re good on stage too.

6. It’s really high, but it’s really good

7. Nayeon has always been good, but it seems to be getting better as time goes on

8. Wow really cool and good singing

9. Wow good job!!! Pretty and proud

10. I liked that the singing method was new this time too. I was surprised when I listened to the soundtrack. As expected, you are doing well


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