Knetz Discuss Yeri Imitating Jennie Again

K- Netizens accused Yeri Red velvet for copying Jennie Blackpink again.

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1. More than Yeri imitating Jenny, Jenny imitates overseas celebrities and wants to wear it because she longs for the mainstream American society.
2. You’re mentally ill. If you wear a hairband and sunglasses, will you imitate me?

3. After all, Yeri Jenny is not a fan of Jenny, but she was a slut who tried to crack both of them. They are like two-tops with a heat explosion button haha.

4. Even though I’m not a fan of Jenny, how long are you going to keep posting pictures of Jennie and posting about Yeri? Jenny Jeongbyung Yeri Jeongbyung’s Fantastic Collaboration

5. Follow me or not, leave it alone. Is Jenny really good?

6. If it’s like this, it’s a parrot-level repetition. I don’t think I’m tired. My intelligence is also low, so I’m yelling and screaming and yelling and yelling and repeating, so the idol version is ruined.

7. How about following? If you’re pretty, it’s not natural to want to wear it after you.

8. Aren’t Jenny fans great? He wants to cut sharpness, so he uses his own brilliance as a strategy to attack him ㅋㅋ I didn’t know he would attack with that pic.

9. Jenny is really going to lose her hair and it is being used again.

10. Later on, I’ll say that Jenny followed suit with two eyes and one nose


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