Knetz Go Crazy Over The Height Of TXT Members

Long, really long…!

Subin is physical

Yeonjun’s legs…

I can’t believe it, but Beomgyu

Taehyun, the shortest in the team

Huening Kai is speechless…

It’s a foot cap and I brought any pictures, but it’s really physical

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Every time I see this picture, I’m amazed, my legs are wide and the fit is good

2. But all five of them are really good-looking, so they have a comfortable face and are about 180 cm tall. After seeing it and knowing its existence, I started acting right away..

3. Big Hit’s new rookie development team is looking for…

4. In general, even within the group, the physical two-tops that are thrilling are Yeonjun and Hueningkai.. Yeonjun is just a male slender that women like, and Hueningkai is a slightly bulky model.

5. Tiva…Tubatu, don’t even go with the face and body.

6. Wow, I had no idea except for Subin of Tubatu, who opened a model physical as a group for the first time.

7. Top is a legend when the real meme pops up

8. You guys should be thankful for Bangtan for the rest of your life

9. Men in black

10. I was happy to see the toppers that day too ㅠㅠ


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