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Knetz In Love With NewJeans Hanni & Haerin Dancing Hiphop TikTok

Knetizens are reacting to a new tiktok video by New Jeans Hanni and Haerin. The fans are excited and Adore them. Check it out below

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Hani Jinja is a good dog.

2. Hani’s expression and feeling are really well put together, and Haerin is also cute and good at dancing.

3. I know that Haerin is good too, so I knew she was good at it, but Haerin is better than I thought.

4. Hani dances really well, she bounced off the stage

5. Hani is really good on stage, is full of talent, and dances well.. She is the most reversible member.

6. Hani has a lovely face, but this hip thing seems to suit her well.

7. The kid in jeans does it better

8. Both of them are pretty, Hani has an old-fashioned feel, and Haerin is cute with her standard style

9. You guys are like this for everything that pops up, you’re doing well.

10. Haerin looks different again, Hani is so good and the girls are pretty


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