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Knetz Prefer Two Female Groups For Rookie Of The Year To Male Group

Knetizens argue that they should give Rookie of the year to two female groups instead of giving it to male group…


Look at the nominations for Best Rookie Boy Group. I think they should give it to two girl groups instead of boy group

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Seriously, I know all the female idols, but I don’t know any male idols

2. Wow, I don’t know what a male idol can do

3. To be honest, I don’t differentiate between men and women, and you have to give them two teams together.

4. Shouldn’t it be better to give the Rookie of the Year award to guys like Lim Young-woong?

5. The Rookie of the Year award this year is the best.

6. Honestly, we shouldn’t differentiate between male and female, they should give it to two girl groups. There’s no boy group that can get it……

7. Well, I heard about these names, but seriously, this is my first time seeing them

8. Who are all these male idols? Please give it to girl groups

9. I don’t know any boy groups here, the popularity of male idols is dwindling

10. How can they get Rookie of the Year? They should give the Rookie of the Year awards to 2 girl groups


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