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Knetz React As Jang Wonyoung Used The Word ‘Seollal’

Some Knetizens are terrorising Jang Wonyoung for using the word ‘Seollal’

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wonyoung is really… it must be difficult

2. Protect our Wonyoung

3. Why did you touch Jang Won-young..?

4. Don’t touch the baby and get out of here you idiots

5. I’m so proud that our Wonyoung is from Korea♡♡

6. But everyone in our country uses the word Seollal

7. Seollal is Seollal, why can’t we say it?
8. Wonyoung is seriously… I feel so bad for her
9. This is bad…
10. Wonyoung fighting 🌝🤍🤍


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