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Knetz React To 3 Kpop Groups That Surpasses Sales Of 2 Million Copies In The First Week

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Stray Kids has a super huge presence though, especially overseas

2. It’s because they’re successsful overseas, they were #1 on Billboard 200 and Chinese orders are also influencing this a lot. They’re also popular in Japan
3. BTS’ career high was actually 3.37M, why would you only put their 2.75M?
4. Stray Kids are BTS level now
5. Ha I’m so jealous, I want my bias to be popular overseas too
6. Hul.. Their international fandom seems so strong. I hope my bias also gets popular overseas
7. Stray Kids too? Oh they’re quite amazing?
8. Stray Kids’ members are still so young, I’m looking forward to them

9. I wonder what the count would be if you removed overseas orders

10. But people like Seventeen and BTS, everyone knows their songs, and if you were to ask to name one song, most people are able to do it. Meanwhile, for Stray Kids, nobody knows their songs so is their core fandom super strong? Otherwise they’re selling extremely well overseas


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