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Knetz React To HKT48 Yabuki Nako’s Graduation Announcement

She just announced at HKT48’s 11 years commemoration concert

She said that she dreams of becoming an actress after graduating, next year, she’s also planning a concert. The next single will be her last promotion

Knetizens Reactions:

1. If you go out as an actor, you will never come to Korea.

2. Wow, Nako is graduating

3. You were good at acting! It’s amazing that she’s not a singer at all.

4. Nako fighting, Once you’ve secured your place, please do a fanmeeting in Korea

5. Nako-yah please come to Korea and pursue beign an idol
6. Nako still looks like a baby Fighting being an actress!!
7. Nako-yah congrats on your graduation
8. Nako-yah congrats on graduating !!!!! I hope your promotion as an actress will be filled with success, your face is so pretty, I miss you
9. Nayo-yah congrats
10. Nako’s acting is fine so as long as she finds a good company, she shoud be fine? Once she starts acting, she’ll be able to take on the variety route too


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