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Knetz React To How IVE’s 3rd Single Album Surpasses 410k Copies In Their 1st Week Sales ft. Rookie Award

Ive 3rd Single album surpasses 410kcopies in their first week sales at the rookie awards, they are also doing well

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Everyone is tall these days

2. Seriously, I think we should all receive the Rookie of the Year award.

3. Ive honestly has a sense of balance as a whole, the concept is not shaky, and it is a group that responds to both men and women of the same age, so I think this is where the rookie award will be.

4. It’s true, even though teenagers like it, I think the most difficult group to attack female idols are women of the same age as older sisters or men, but it looks really big to catch women of the same age.

5. It seems that the female idol has both fandom and popularity.

6. New Jeans, Blackpink, Ive in a row, it’s just a party lol

7. As for the 4th generation, Ive
seems to be the top.

8. Wow, the female idols this year are great, really Ive

9. Rookie of the Year award, take both, Ive

10. There are singers who sell more than 2 million copies, but the target is… Well, considering the sound source..


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