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Knetz React To ITZY Yuna Dancing To Pink Venom

Knetizens are reacting to ITZY Yuna crazy dance, she is so pretty with her glasses on and dances well

Yuna is too pretty

Her looks are that of a doll goddess but she’s super good at dancing I like Blink Yuna so much, I’m going crazy

To the people who haven’t watched this, please watch it. Yuna is freaking awesome. Personally, I think that the top 3 Pink Venom TikToks are Yuna, Taylor and Lady Gaga
I like how Yuna is a real Blink so much
Because of Yuna, I’m even streaming ITZY’s songs I wanna see ITZY and Blackpink’s friendship

Knetizens Reactions:

1. After all, pretty girls are obsessed with whatever they do…

2. What part are you talking about..? It’s just dancing, what the hell…?

3. I saw Yuna’s Maniac singing at Itzy’s concert, and her body and face were so pretty… I was surprised to see it live…

4. No, it’s like an evolved dog leg dance lol

5. She dances better than Jisoo, what are you talking about?

6. She’s pretty hahahaha I’m envious because they’re doing things i can’t do

7. She’s pretty, but what’s the comment status

8. The feeling of being obsessed with yourself is so strong

9. I couldn’t make eye contact after watching the Love Dive video.

10. I’m so envious of pretty people because she is pretty even with glasses on


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