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Knetz React To Min Heejin’s Controversial Remark

Hybe capital is a term that is frequently used, although I personally disagree with it. I received an investment proposal of a similar magnitude in addition to Hybe at the time, and my label chose the actual specific label management plan after the investment was decided and the investment was finalized. There isn’t a compelling reason for me to choose Hybe in particular since at the time, I had a number of possibilities, and regardless of where I obtained funding, the terms of “independence of creation” and “non-interference” were my top priorities. Of course, you can question me “why must you have gone to Hybe,” but that would be utterly unrelated to the purpose of the interview.

The first EP of NewJeans’ was not hastily planned out financially. There was a lot of discussion surrounding Hybe funding despite the expense of four music videos’ production. Hybe is unable to independently validate Adore’s production schedule or financial allocation. This is due to the fact that [for me] operational independence was assured. Budgets for other businesses or labels were not significantly different from those of [Hybe]. This is due to the fact that I prepared the production budget using experience points and market research.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Then why don’t you dig up a separate YouTube channel and upload the New Jeans music videos? Don’t benefit by uploading them on the Hybe channel.

2. If it wasn’t for Hybe, I wonder if we would have been able to film four music videos and receive that kind of attention from the beginning of our debut.

3. No, then you should have gone on your own from the beginning

4. I like all of New Jeans, but Min Hee-jin is so unlikable

5. I know you have good planning skills, but you are overly self-conscious

6. She’s not only ignorant, but also ungrateful and lacks self-awareness of course you’ll be able to pull this amoutn of investment from anywhere, but can you really pull Hybe and BTS’ name value anywhere else? You really think this didn’t help you a single bit? Her arrogance is sky-high

7. So why didn’t you release NewJeans’ MV in another Youtube chanel? Since you think that where you are isn’t thanks to Hybe

8. If not for Hybe, do you think you would’ve been able to shoot 4 MVs and have the interest you had right in their debut?
9. There’s a considerable difference between getting the Hybe tag with the investment and receiving the investment from a small no-name agency though
10. Of course with good producing, they could’ve hit big too, but right from the audition, Hybe released it in their official account and they could gather the best people from all around the world for her to pick. Before debuting, they were able to participate in BTS’ MV and got so much promotions for being BTS’ dongsaeng. They also got the streams from international fans faster than any other groups. Does she think that they would’ve been able to debut without a single teaser and just an MV with a few thousands of subscribers to her Youtube account? Right from the first MV and the first song, they were able to shoot their video overseas, they were able to get millions of views and were able to get an app made from Weverse. They were able to get 3 debut stages as a rookie and every member is already becoming ambassadors for luxury brnads globally…. And she claims that none of that was thanks to Hybe?

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