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Knetz React To NCT, Aespa, Suju SM Artists’ Premium Chocolate

SM Entertainment Artist Premium Chocolate will be sold for pre-order.

On the 26th, Star Fox Family announced, “We will start the pre-ordering of ‘SM Entertainment Artist Premium Chocolate’, which we made after signing a licensing contract with SM Entertainment, at SM Entertainment’s official online store from 12 noon on the same day.”
It includes:
– 2 types of SUJU chocolates
– 4 types of NCT127 chocolates
– 3 types of NCT DREAM chocolates
– 2 types of AESPA chocolates

Knetizens Reactions:

1. How much is it?

2. What I’m shocked is that nobody is giving interest to these

3. Not buying

4. I feel like seeing those birthday special items in birthday cafes

5. Still, it’ll sell out

6. They’re selling these at 18,000won and it’s also random

7. Who will buy these?

8. Oh… So they’re even selling these now…
9. How are we supposed to eat the kids’ faces
10. Not buying..


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