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Knetz React To Reason BTS Canada Pop-up Store Temporarily Closed

BTS Canada Pop-up Store in Toronto has been temporarily closed because whenever it is opened the fans bought almost everything.. Knetizens are proud of Bangtan because they are really earning money alot


As soon as it opened, the fans literally bought everything, so it was temporarily closed

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Seriously amazing

2. Daebak.. BTS is seriously crazy. I hope they do their world tour again

3. I live nearby, so I was going to go when there were less people, but all sold out so temporarily closed…

4. HYBE earns a lot of money

5. As expected from BTS’ class

6. Shibuya, Japan is a bulletproof product line, but only Koreans don’t know about BTS. They are real legends

7. Is it true that fans bought everything as soon as it opened and closed the door?

8. What are you selling? Fans have good purchasing power

9. Awesome

10. This is Bangtan, oh I’m proud of it


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