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Knetz React To SBS Drama With A Strong Viewing Rating Trend Airs On Friday- Saturday

Knetizens are discussing about SBS drama with a strong Viewing rating trend airs on friday and saturday

Today’s Webtoon

National / Metropolitan viewership
Episode 01 4.1 / 4.0 🔺️Best
Episode 02 3.1 / 3.0
Episode 03 3.6 / 3.6
Episode 04 3.1 / 3.6
Episode 05 3.4 / 3.7
Episode 06 2.8 / ???
Episode 07 2.5 / ???
Episode 08 2.2 / ???
Episode 09 2.9 / ???
Episode 10 1.5 / ??? 🔻lowest

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The actors are not very good at acting.

2. I don’t know why that guy is coming out, he’s not attractive

3. It’s so messed up that even people who don’t know anything about the industry feel that this isn’t the case… Yield was fun because the editorial department dealt with it professionally, and the sales department was also fun.

4. It’s a good drama, so it’s good and fun
to watch

5. I think the material of the webtoon industry is really interesting, but they didn’t fight this with proper coverage and screenplay, but let’s buy the drama version rights and localize it properly.

6. I thought it was fun in the beginning, but I didn’t look for the next episode because I wasn’t really curious about it.

7. They are characters that can be adapted in an attractive enough way, but I don’t think they can draw well… I was expecting some good parts in the original, but I left them all out and the original parts are so obvious and uninteresting

8. I’m tired of Kim Sejeong’s candy acting…

9. The ratings are honest

10. It’s just not fun, the original was also mild, but I was surprised that it was remade into a webtoon


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