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Knetz React To Top 10 K-pop Album Sales On Oricon Japan 2022

Stray Kids
NCT 127
NCT Dream

Knetizens Reactions:

1. BTS has only one album with two versions

2. They seem to be popular groups in Japan

3. Why is there no IVE here? They sold almost 1 million copies, they said that they sold a lot of albums in Japan

4. TWICE is doing better in Japan than in Korea

5. Only BTS sold one album, the other groups are the total sales of different albums

6. BTS has only one album with two versions. The #1 artist has 40 versions

7. Are there only two female idol groups, Kep1er and TWICE?

8. HYBE is holding Japan

9. Isn’t it true that Seventeen is popular in Japan?

10. Only BTS sells 1 album


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