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Knetz React To Top 10 Music Bank Stages In 2022 By Number Of Views

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1. Astro MoonBin x Billlie MoonSuA ‘MY Ear’s Candy’

2. BTS ‘For Youth’

3. SNSD ‘Forever 1’


5. Jessi ‘ZOOM’

6. Seventeen ‘HOT’


8. Nayeon ‘POP!’

9. Stray Kids ‘MANIAC’

10. TWICE ‘Talk That Talk’

Knetizens Reactions:

1. SNSD is amazing

2. Seriously, as expected from SNSD

3. SNSD is still a hot topic, seriously awesome

4. MoonBin and MoonSuA are awesome

5. I’m a fan of other idols, but I really like MoonBin and MoonSuA’s stage

6. Well, BTS ranked 2nd

7. Wow SNSD ranked 3rd place?

8. Soshi is amazing


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