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Knetz React To IU Concert Illegal Ticket Cancellation Notice

§……… Full Notice
This is EDAM Entertainment.
□ 3
2022 IU CONCERT A total of 4 examples confirmed by fraudulent ticket reservations
In accordance with our policy that we have informed you about each
We inform you that action has been taken.
fan club member name
Sim * heh
ship* ha
1. Abnormal approach attempt (4 people) IU’s official fan club permanent
– Continuing to attempt abnormal access to the reservation page
For the 4 people whose circumstances have been confirmed, take the following actions:
It was.
1) Permanent expulsion from IU’s official fan club and forced official fan cafe
2) Melon Ticket ID Permanent Use Restriction Applied
Fan club sign-up fan club reservation number
ueena 5th
ueena 5th
ueena 5th
Euena 3rd

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow, that’s amazing, this is what’s happening

2. Wow that’s awesome!!!!

3. As if you caught someone wearing a direct ring, you should have made a fair reservation like that

4. Wow, the agency that even does this, singer Chum Bom is heartbroken Oh cool

5. I’m so envious, imitate Bonjin’s agency

6. wow you work really well

7. Oh, he’s really cool… If my agency would work like this… I’d be really upset to see the fans running the macros, not just merchants.

8. I’m really envious. I wish all the agencies were like that.

9. Wow great permanent expulsion

10. Good.. Imitate my agency.


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