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Knetz Said ITZY Song ‘Boys Like You’ Reminds Them Taylor Swift’s Love Story

Just like TWICE’s ‘The Feels’, this song is as easy to listen to as Sneakers

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It reminds me of Taylor’s Love Story

2. The song is good and the video is fun. Who is the male lead in the video?? Lia looks so pretty

3. But why didn’t I even know they released it?

4. I think of Taylor Swift’s Love Story

5. The song is so good, but did they sample Taylor’s song?

6. Personally, I think the MV and song are the best of all ITZY songs. I really like it.. Like Knock Knock and What Is Love?, I think you’ll feel nostalgic if you listen to it later

7. This song is perfect for Lia

8. They released it today, so please give it a lot of attention!


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