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Knetz Said IVE Jang Won-young Has A Matured Mind, ‘Fresh’


Honestly speaking, seeing how I’m rushing through my schedules,

There’s no way I don’t experience any ‘downs’
So in between, I try to stay consistent.
I feel like if I get too much ups and downs,
I might be a pain to the people around me
Me too I have hard times
but I try to tell myself to keep a happy mindset”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wonyoung fighting

2. What I’m worried about is that she doesn’t want to make it obvious that she’s having a hard time so her company doesn’t seem to have an idea about what her condition is so they’re neglecting her. In the future, if she can’t contain herself anymore, something bad might happen

3. I thought that she was already an adult… Wonyoungie is so young, and she’s already so amazing and cool, I hope she doesn’t get hurt in the future and just do whatever she wants
4. Wonyoungie fighting
5. She speaks so eloquently. She’s cool
6. Even being an adult, it’s hard to not act like you’re having a hard time in front of others because you don’t want to worry them, but she’s doing that at her age. Maybe because she debuted at such a young age but she’s already so mature and cool. I hope she can promote healthily for a long time

7. The quiddles are here again.. Jang Won-young is hot

8. To be honest, she is the top among idols of this generation.

9. Your face still looks like a baby, but you have an adult mind.

10. Fresh

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