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Korea Parents Lists Out Pretty Female Kpop Idols, Knetizens View

Knetizens parents are listing out female kpop idols that are pretty when watching them..



IVE Yujin



Knetizens Reactions:

1. My mom is still stuck with Girls’ Generation… I love Yoona so much

2. Every time my mom see Miyeon, she says she’s pretty.

3. My mom used to like Kim Se-jeong she said she is so pretty because her smile is hot and easy-going.

4. But although Girls’ Generation is really great, even my mom who doesn’t know much about idols knows everything about Girls’ Generation….Mom One Pick Yoona, Dad One Pick Yuri

5. Mom and Dad once said they didn’t know if Suzy was pretty, but after seeing that sprite ad, they say she’s really pretty.

6. My mom love Wonyoung Jang

7. My mother also love Jang Won-young and Miyeon

8. My dad like Yuri more than Yoona in Sosi

9. My mom also likes Ahn Yu-jin.

10. My mom is unconditional Suzy


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