Korean Netizens Thinks BTS J- Hope And Irene Kim Are Dating

Dating rumors involving BTS J-Hope and top Korean model Irene Kim recently sparked after netizens found some suspicious things about the two. Keep on reading to know what made them think the two are in a relationship. On Aug. 2, BTS J-Hope shared a photo sitting on a couch with her co-member Jimin, Irene Kim, and W Korea’s editor A few days later, multiple posts about J-Hope and Irene Kim were made on a popular online community as netizens questioned the relationship between the two. In particular, they speculate that the two are dating due to the similar items they use. It can be seen in the photos that both BTS J-Hope and Irene Kim are wearing a ring of the same design and color.

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Whether they are dating or not dating, I don’t know why they go out with them so openly until they enter the US concert schedule, where is an idol like that in the world?

2. Yesterday at the airport hahaha While I was waiting for Jung Hoseok to come out, suddenly Irene walked out and there was a static flow between the ARMYs…

3. What is the blessing haha Come to think of it, the 3rd generation male idols have almost all married and papadols lol

4. The dating rumors in January next year are likely to be Suga. The rest don’t seem to have much of a ripple effect because they meet with the general public or have a low awareness of women.

5. I don’t want to lose the fan business by acknowledging an official relationship, I want to brag about my love to my fans and feel a sense of superiority, and these kids are the most disgusting. Of course, I believe that J-Hope is not such a disgusting idiot.

6. isn’t it free? What if it’s a lover, what if it’s a close friend, and what’s wrong with going out together? Are fans involved in the artist’s private life? Can’t you dig in and make rumors and BTS can’t date and get married? If the artist makes a good album and works hard on stage, Hobi isn’t a disrespectful kid, he’s Mulderbara.

7. I don’t know if it’s real or not, but if it’s real, I think it’d be disappointing to tease out like that individually. It doesn’t matter how old they are.

8. I don’t know if they’re dating or not. Aren’t fans really wanting J-Hope to be happy? are you mother-in-law? i love j-hope J-Hope loves everyone he loves

9. I’ve been to BTS’ overseas concert before. I thought it was like that, but I don’t like to follow my personal schedule like this

10. Blessings may come to BTS soon.


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