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Kpop Idols And Models Want To Be Actors, Why? Knetizens Discuss

Knetizens are giving reasons why most idols and models want to act in the film industry, see some reasons below

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Just look at the difference in treatment between idols and actors at the awards ceremony

2. You can do it for a long time even if you are old.

3. Idols and models have their limits

4. Idols have a short lifespan and have to share the profits through group activities.. The company takes a lot and
actors have a long lifespan among celebrities.

5. Model idols get hurt for a long time

6. They say there are ranks even among celebrities. Long life seems to play a part

7. They have a better work-life balance compare to idols

8. It’s hard to dance for a long time

9. Yes, there is no age limit

10. Aside from external factors, don’t you think the job itself would be fun? It’s like role play!


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