LE-SSERAFIM: ‘What Is The Dignity Of Wealthy Agency?’ K-Netizens

Hive’s new girl group ‘Le Seraphim’

After the activity, it’s just for your own content I took a picture of me going on vacation.

Pick up the best hotels under Namsan

It’s afraid it’ll be noisy He said he rented the entire 2nd floor up to the upper floor.

For reference, it is about 10 million won per night.

It is said that this is just for the purpose of selecting one youtube content. lol

Currently, about 40 billion won is invested in the girl group created by Hive.(Le Seraphim + New Jeans + another audition girl group)

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. I was wondering how much it would cost, but 10 million won

2. Like all major agencies, the settlement seems to be well received… I envy

3. People in the lower ranks aren’t even ARMYs, so why do you keep pretending to be ARMYs? As a real ARMY, I don’t have any thoughts hahaha I’m going to bangtan with my money

4. This is why Korean female celebrities like business men because once they taste it, they have to keep it.

5. Even if the money is earned, there is no point in sharing the income with the company in the end. Even if you make a profit, it is only the company’s money that is divided into company profits. Looking at the company’s profit history, it can be said that it is true that the company is very dependent on BT and earned money because of BT, but if BT is a member of that company, it is inevitable, and as long as the dependence is lowered and other groups do not make more profits, it is a saying that can only be followed. Isn’t it similar to investing in a styler?

6. I didn’t get it to the second floor, but it’s the most expensive of all Banyan suites. The double-storey one costs 1200 a night lol. Bang Si-hyuk stayed there for a long time. I don’t know if he’s still doing it.

7. It seems like it was a good thing that Sakura came to Korea

8. 10 million won is on the top floor. If Le Seraphim took the top floor, it would be 10 million won.

9. The money that BTS makes goes to BTS, don’t sway anti bitches, don’t you know that Le Seraphim doesn’t make any money keke It’s over 10 million won from YouTube, so they spend that much.

10. Even BTS, who noticed latte in N-hyphen snacks, wouldn’t mind spending a lot of money on the luxury of a pretty girl, right? But technically speaking, that is the money of the ARMYs.


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