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“Leave Jungkook Alone” Knetizens React To BTS Jungkook’s Enlistment

BTS Jin enlists in the army… Will maknae Jungkook enlist soon?


Hybe, the management company, announced the news of Jin’s enlistment the day before and the sequential enlistment of the rest of the members, saying, “We and the members hope to resume their activities as a whole in about 2025, but we ask for your understanding that it is difficult to specify the exact time at this time.” .

The next person to enlist after her eldest brother Jin is Suga, who was born in 1993. J-Hope, RM (1994), Jimin (1995), and Jungkook (1997) are also scheduled to enlist one after another.

The youngest, Jungkook, was born in September 1997 and can defer his enlistment until September 2027, but according to Hive’s position, there is a possibility that Jungkook’s enlistment will be a little earlier than this.
This is because if 2025 is the target of the whole, two cases can be counted. The case is when all members except Jungkook have served in the military, and the case where all members including Jungkook have served in the military.

Meanwhile, all over the world ARMYs (BTS fandom name) have been shouting ‘accompanying enlistment’ with one voice as a way to reduce the military white flag. The ‘accompanying enlistment’ is considered as one of the realistic alternatives to reduce the actual military service, as it was mentioned in a report by a stock market in April last year

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Even though it’s been 10 years since BTS debuted, the battle against evil spirits is still fierce

2. Jin is doing well, please leave Jungkookin alone

3. Jungkook is probably the only male idol to be summoned to the army since he was 22 years old

4. We should respect Jungkook’s decision

5. Jungkook is the youngest, but he’s not a kid, don’t treat him like an idiot

6. No, even though I’m not a fan, the reporters are crazy

7. Leave Jungkook alone, Jungkook knows what he should do

8. Leave Jungkook alone, he’s still so young

9. I’m really tired, why do they keep talking about BTS’ military service?

10. Damn, leave Jungkook alone


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