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Lee Dae-hwi Was Captured In A Second Before Kissing Lee Da-hee In A Movie Set, Knetz React

Lee Dae-hwi Was Captured 1 second before his kiss with Lee Da-hee, He said this is my first kiss scene since has been debuted…


A picture of Lee Da-hee and Lee Dae-hwi’s kiss one second before ‘frozen to death’ was captured
In the 7th episode of ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Frozen Love’ (played by Kim Sol-ji/directed by Choi Gyu-sik/hereafter referred to as Eol Juk-yeon), which will be broadcast on October 26, a super close two-shot of Lee Da-hee and Lee Dae-hwi hiding in secret and sharing their hot eyes and breath will be revealed.

In the play, Goo Yeoreum (Dahee Da-hee)’s right arm, Kim Sang-woo (Lee Dae-hwi), had a conversation while pushing Goo Yeoreum into the wall. Kim Sang-woo looks at Goo Yeoreum with a scorching gaze she has never seen before, and Goo Yeoreum also looks at Kim Sang-woo with a very nervous attitude. After a while, Kim Sang-woo slowly approaches Goo Yeo-reum’s lips, and the shocking scene continues, in which Goo Yeo-reum closes her eyes while clasping her hands.

Park Jae-hoon (Choi Si-won), who found the two at the same time, hurriedly hid behind a tree and stared at him while shaking his body. In the ‘Kingdom of Love’ where everything happens, attention is focused on the unknown direction of love, whether an unexpected couple was born that no one expected.

It is said that Siwon Choi made the crew crawl and rob the crew by freely using various natural expressions and colorful motions from rehearsal to express Jaehoon Park, who is spying on them, as realistically as possible. Lee Dae-hwi, who appeared immediately after the kiss scene with Lee Da-hee, showed a very nervous state, “I feel like I’m sweating all of a sudden” before filming the kiss scene with Lee Da-hee. evoked

When the full-scale filming began, Lee Dae-hwi released the sexy beauty he had been hiding while wearing a serious look, and Lee Da-hee finished the filming with a smile as if Lee Dae-hwi was cute. Lee Dae-hwi told the production team, “I monitor every scene after a scene, but I can’t do this.” Then he laughed shyly, saying, “It’s my first time filming after debut.” Then, he added, “This is how we grow,” and added his confident first kiss shooting impression.

The production team said, “Daehwi Lee and Daehwi Lee’s sincere attitude was added to the skillful lead of Dahee and Choi Siwon to create a comedy scene. Please keep an eye on the future of the relationship in ‘The Kingdom of Love’.”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It looked like a comedy scene

2. Choi Siwon’s expression is mine

3. Wow they really don’t suit each other

4. They seriously kissed?

5. No but this is so wrong

6. Wow seriously don’t don’t suit each other…. no chemistry

7. They so don’t suit each other
8. No but the height difference look at how bent Lee Dahee’s back is
9. They have a 16 years difference
10. No but isn’t he a baby?


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