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Letter From Lim Soo Hyang To Her Late Co-Stars Lee Ji Han

In a touching letter, late co-star Lee Ji Han was addressed by Lim Soo Hyang.

The actor Lee Ji Han was a victim of the recent Itaewon tragedy, the actor’s management company 935 Entertainment announced on October 30. The actress, who co-stars with Lee Ji Han in the upcoming drama “Kkokdu’s Gye-jeol,” posted on Instagram to express her sorrow over the death of her co-star, Lim Soo Hyang. She penned:

“You must be in a better situation, Ji Han.

I had planned to shoot you all day yesterday, but after receiving the news, we all gathered for your wake. For a good while, no one could speak, so we just sat there in silence. You were stolen from me so quickly, and it made me feel so cold, sad, and wretched. Even though you were only getting started, I was well aware of how hard you worked and how eager you were to succeed. Your parents shook my hand and informed me that you returned home and proudly told them how I had commended you for a job well done. I believe the reason I sobbed for such a long time was regret for not taking better care of you and regret for not saying one more encouraging word or lovely thing.

I feel terrible for letting my coworker go first. To help you feel proud from where you are, the team and I will all work harder for your share while keeping you in mind. I’m hoping this will put you at ease. May you all find peace, those who rose to fame because of the Itaewon tragedy.”.

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