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“Like A Princess In A Historical Drama” ITZY Ryujin In Hanbok, Knetz React

ITZY Ryujin is looking so pretty In hanbok and Knetizens are praising her beauty. She look like a princess in a historical drama.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Like a princess in a historical drama

2. Ryujin’s unique smile is so cute

3. This time itzy hanbok is pretty!

4. I think it suits that hairstyle well

5. Ryujin looks like a classic beauty, so she looks good in hanbok

6. I’m sure New Jeans suits you better.

7. Ryujin Shin, let’s participate in the historical drama!

8. I wish Ryujin would appear in a drama.

9. When you wear a hanbok, you look the prettiest when your hair is neat

10. Wow, this is the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen, no, it suits you so well, it’s crazy


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