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‘Lisa’s Hair Is Weird’ Blackpink PINK VENOM Press Conference Image Released, Knetizens React

Knetz are discussing about the Press Conference photos of Blackpink Pink Venom, they are most talking about Lisa’s look

Knetizens Reactions:

1. All four are pretty, but Lisa is truly unique

2. Oh, this time Lisa Rosé really stands out.

3. Wow, first time seeing Lisa with that kind of hair!! It’s really pretty, it’s much prettier with a little bit of bangs

4. Did you pick BLACKPINK by looking at the shoulder angle?

5. Lisa’s hair is weird

6. No, how do you all have such pretty shoulders?

7. Everyone’s faces are the same as when they debuted don’t grow old

8. I feel it every time I see you How did you come up with such a combination of 4 people? That’s great. There are no overlapping images.

9. Lisa’s hair looks a bit old.

10. It’s kind of funny that a pre-edited photo was sprayed as a photo of a meeting.


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